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Contract Manufacturer of 

Organic Skincare in Australia

We can help you formulate and produce your original skincare and Bodycare products and essential oil blends from small quantities, starting from one, using only genuine organic, natural and vegan ingredients. 

Product List

Body Oil              Facial Oil
Massage Oil          Hair Oil
Nail Oil              Baby Oil
​Cleansing Oil        
Body Cream        Facial Cream
Hair Cream          Hand Cream
Shampoo          Conditioner
Sunscreen Cream     Balm
Body Soap          Hand Soap
Essential Oil Blend   

True "Organic" Skincare 

Japanese Aromatherapist, qualified with IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapies) and Ayurveda Aromatherapy, is specializing in Aromatic Medicine and Regenerative Skin Care.  He will give you advice and work closely with you to create skincare products by maximizing the natural properties and benefits of organic ingredients and essential oils. 

We encourage to create products that are kind to our environments (Not Tested on Animals). We do not use any chemicals. 

We use ingredients that are certified by ACO Certified Organic.  We can obtain Vegan Registration through The Vegan Society UK.  

You can start up from small quantities, and develop your original formulation to suit your need and requirements. Our service has proven very popular amongst beauty clinics, Hairdressers and massage salons.  


Our Laboratory and our Clients


Easy OEM Process

①Tell us what product you would like to create

Textures, Aroma, Benefits, Quantity, Budgets etc. 

​②Make sample products until you are satisfied

Detailed discussion to meet your need and requirements 

③OEM Productions 

Full support is provided from Start to Finish



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